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The application deadline                         05.05.2024.
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Deadline for submission of abstracts 05.05.2024.
The conference will be held in the period 18.05.2024-19.05.2024
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About the Conference

The conference “First Step to Science” is a conference for younger course..
Of course, the experience of the giving lectures on conference will be useful for preparing for future scientific conferences. We hope that this conference will be attended not only by the reporters, but also other students and that fact will help them to broaden their scientific outlook.
Tasks of the conference:
– Forming interest of students to scientific work as a whole and to physics as a part
– Preparation talented young people to further scientific work
– Preparation for taking part in scientific conferences
– Shaping ideas about directions of the scientific work, which is being conducted by the chairs of the faculty ElIT
The work of conference is planned on such directions:
• Mathematics. Mathematical physics. Computer sciences.
• Biophysics and food technologies.
• Physics of the Universe. Nuclear physics.
• Technical physics. Transport. Energetic.
• Optics. Electronics. Information technologies.
• Nanotechnologies. Thin films. Materials technology.
• Information security and cyber security